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Sorcery 101 Chit Chat

We're all Crass and Silly

Sorcery 101 Community
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Anybody , Moderated
Here you can discuss Sorcery 101. And here are the rules.


1.) This isn't so much a rule as a something that would be helpful to me. Please sign your posts if you're an anonymous user. This way I know who I'm giving warning to and won't have to punish all anonymous people for one bad person.

2.) No Ad hominem attacks unless it's directed a fictional character. What is an Ad hominem attack? Basically, an insult. That doesn't mean you can't be negative, just make those negative comments polite and constructive. Calle, gave me permission to use her and Zap! as an example. Basically, it's okay to say you think Zap is cliche or you don't like the anime feel of the art or that you think Calle needs to work on line weight. However, its not okay to say something like ZAP! is the shittiest comic on the planet, everyone who reads it is retarded or that Calle is an evil bitch, hack artist, and should die in fire. And this rule applies to everyone, even a random flamer.

3.) No racist, homophobic, or sexist comments. I figure that is pretty self explanatory.

4.) Don't spam.

5.) Don't post pornographic images. Have them placed behind a link that gives a proper warning.

6.)Don't post anyones email or home address without their permission.


I'll warn you a few times. I will also delete your bad post (since livejournal doesn't allow edits.) and repost an edited version that wouldn't break the rules.