December 17th, 2009


New Sorcery 101 and Update (aka how I was fired for Christmas)

New Sorcery 101 is up

And here is an update on all things that affect this comic.

Firstly, I've found an apartment. I'm moving in right after the holidays.

Secondly, not only am I moving but Sorcery 101 and all the other Veiled Truths comics will be moving to different hosting. So if the site is glitchy at any point until the end of January it's because both sites are moving off Keenspot. Why? Well, because Keenspot fired me. I got the email two days ago. Why did they fire me? I asked that question as well and got the response "We have multiple reasons." None of which they will tell me. It happened right after Scott Kurtz's ustream where I talked said Keenspot was only good for the newsboxes (which is true and I'm not the only person on Keenspot who's said that) and I'd leave once the newsboxes stopped being useful. Because they are EXTREMELY unprofessional.

And before now I've never gone into specifics, but since I'm fired here's stuff people who were thinking of joining Keenspot should know.

- They lost my books the first day of San Diego Comic Con last year because they just forgot which box they were in. Fortunately, they were found the second day and I still sold out. But fact remains for a little while they lost 100 books.

- I hope you enjoyed those iPhone apps because they are getting taken down a few days from now. I never got a sales report on them, never mind paid for them in any way.

- I have talked to several Keenspot artists (not naming names so folks don't get in trouble) and found they have never gotten paid on time for their books.

- After the original excitement over iphone apps was over, Keenspot basically forgot they existed. They have been sitting on Sorcery 101 chapter 3 since before August. But I guess it's good it didn't go up since I wouldn't have gotten paid for that anyways. (All of the above are why I'm printing Sorcery 101 books myself and not letting Keenspot print them.)

- There is almost always a thread is the private forum for Keenspot creators which is asking "So when am I getting paid?"

- It could be days before tech problems are addressed. Ex: From Scratch is still not on Keenspot's front page and the comic drop down hasn't been updated in a year or so.

-Keenspots booth at Comic con was a disaster as far as planning went. They had banners advertising artists who weren't attending and none of those had Keenspots logo on it. People didn't even know what we were for. Someone asked an artist behind the Keenspot booth, "do guys know where the keenspot booth it?"

- Someone with access with Keenspot's official twitter used it to fight with Scott Kurtz making everyone involved with Keenspot look bad. Then it was used to lash out at a Keenspotter who used his personal twitter to tell them it's not cool to do that.

- The newsbox and Keenspot ads frequently get "stuck" on comics by the CEO's brother.

But Kurtz helped me find some good hosting because Sorcery 101 is too big for all the usual places people use starting out like dreamhost. And some keenspotters, Kris Straub, and a ton more people are all offering help with website stuff. But there may be bumps.

So pass this livejournal post to any keenspot comics you read or anyone to considering applying to Keenspot. So they know what's up. And if Sorcery 101 goes down or I lose my domain names I'll leave it to you guys to guess why.

As of this morning Keenspot has privately told me why.

Also, keep pledging to Kickstarter.