New Podcast about TV

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Hey everyone! My pals Joe, Kristen, and I are doing a podcast where we talk about season 1 of different TV shows. It’s called A Series of First Impressions. We will be doing an episode the last Thursday of every month. You can subscribe on Itunes!

This month we are talking about Parks and Rec. We talk about how the show as a rough start because it’s trying very hard to be the Office and how Mark Brandanawicz is boring and unremarkable.

If you aren’t familiar with my cohosts, Joe is drew my From Scratch book as well as the The Leg and a new book called Soupy Leaves Home. Kristen is an animator at Disney and currently works on Star vs. The Forces of Evil.


Read Sorcery 101 writer notes Chapter 13

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Here is another batch of writer notes on Sorcery 101. If you want to read ahead on these got ahead on these head over to my patreon.

Chapter 13

Title Page

This chapter is reintroducing things, most of which is at school. It wasn’t intentional but I realize now this new school year is when all the “serious” stuff starts to build and the goofier stuff resolves.

page 617 – 620

So first few pages are just making sure some stuff is clear about the start of the new school year. So Natalie’s back with her mom and Danny has to get back to work. When we get to see Jeff’s sister for the first time cause I liked that joke.

Then we reintroduce Connor because he’s gonna be more important in the coming chapters. At this point in the book he hasn’t shown up in the comic for a few years.

page 621- 630

Danny gets a his second confrontation with Ramon. I held off saying Ramon’s name until this point so Danny wouldn’t connect the dots here. Also, this shows their dynamic showing. Danny is clearly in a possition of power. And after about a day of being annoyed, Danny realizes he can’t stoop to Ramon’s level. It’s basically the start of the shift to the more serious stuff. He can’t engage with someone as silly as Ramon.

It’s very fun to write Ramon’s over dramtic speaches though.

page 631 – 633

The cemtemary scene has a grave that says Spotty. So this is partly set up to where Ramon’s final chapter will end up. Also, at this point Ramon has to go to Meg everytime he’s tried a spell. So it needs to be clear that he needs her to cast any spells, which is why he doesn’t act sooner. Also, Ramon’s clearly never seen Road to El Dorado or he would have known Meg’s excuse is a movie quote.

page 634 – 640

Danny trying his best to not engage, but since Ramon isn’t gonna stop Danny lets him know what is going on. Again, there isn’t anything Ramon can do. But fortunately for him, Jeff is a bad lair and his werewolf cover story sounds bad.


Warm up drawings for March

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These are all of my warm up sketched for the month of February. I take requests from anyone who backs my patreon at $2 a month. If you want to request something for March, head over there. I spend roughly 10 minutes on these and do them during my live streams.

I got sick after ECCC and spent most of the month inking/not using my computer. So I didn’t do many warm ups this month. I drew Jughead as a werewolf as a joke because Archie Comics announced a mini series about that. It looks like a horror comic but I hope it’s just him eating burgers as a werewolf. Then I drew Sailor Jupiter.